iOS vs Android Development

After considering the native app and responsive website debate, the next thing most people get involved today is asking this question: “iOS or Android?”.  While consumers are asking this question, so are developers like Patrick Byrne and for good reason.

Should You Choose Apps Development for iOS Instead of Android?

One of the problems of native app development is that it is difficult and time-consuming to develop for even one platform. Although Android and iOS are not the only major players in the mobile space, they still are the most dominant two.

Android, iOS, or Both?

It is not easy to answer the question, Android is the most popular operating system for mobile devices, superseding Apple, while the success of a mobile phone like the Samsung Galaxy S4 is still there. If you are in need of a native mobile app, you should consider both an iOS and Android app, though this does not mean you should launch the two at the same time.

Which Should be Launched First

If you do not have the time and the money to develop for iOS and Android at the same time, you should decide on the system to launch first. These are some of the factors you should consider:

  • What your current users are using: it is good to do some research on what the number of visitors using Android and the ones who use iOS. If there are more users of iOS users than Android, you should start iOS first.
  • The tablet plans: Though the most common mobile operating system is Android, it is not the same in the tablets’ world. The iPad still rules, even if you hear Google boasting of its Android tablets occupying more than 50% of the global market.
  • Your developers: Though many companies outsource more than 60% of their mobile development tasks, you should still find out about what the members of your team are most familiar with when it comes to development, and iOS development requires Android and Mac developer tools.
  • Should users pay to use your app? Though the users of Android never pay, those who use iOS users are always willing. You should not be discouraged if you want to develop your Android app, as there are still many ways of monetizing the system. It is also necessary to think of the payment platforms to be used, though Google has been trying to make its service for Google Play apps to be available in more countries.

The Popularity of iOS

Starting iOS first is still a good idea because the process does not have many problems like when working with Android apps. One of the benefits of Android is that it supports a wide range of devices, though this can still be a problem for a developer who does not have enough resources.

Now, should the users of older devices or go for those who are new to the mobile world? The answer to this question depends on your location and your market. It is a good thing to target Android 4.0 or greater if you’re in the United States.


Dealing With Common Smartphone Disasters

One of the most frustrating things for Smartphone users is a screen scratch. It can be as simple as your phone rubbing against your keys or spare change. Luckily, there are some solutions that will help you without you having to spend an abundance of money in order to fix it.

There are many vendors that have a buffing solution which will actually fill in those surfaces. This can be done with the use of a non-gel tooth paste at home by dabbing the toothpaste on the screen and then butting it out with a damp rag. The deep scratches may not have the potential to be scratched out and if it is a severe scratch or crack you may have to result in getting a new screen.

What should you do if you crack the Screen?

For someone who has gotten a new cell phone, cracking their screen is a nightmare. There are a few solutions to try out before purchasing a new phone or getting professional cell phone repair help.

Most of the screens can be replaced somewhat easily and although the screens are not necessarily cheap, they are far more affordable than a brand-new phone or having a professional fix it for you.

What is the Solution to a Slow Smartphone?

When it comes to software, there are some things that will slow down a smart phone. There are many things that are running on a phone that could very well be infected by malware and that is the reason as to why it’s going so slow. You should always make sure that there is anti-virus defense wall software that is running regularly. You can also consider shutting down some apps that you aren’t using.

If users take care of their smarphones the right way, then they usually will not have to result to purchasing a brand new phone – especially if it wasn’t that long ago when you did purchase one or reap an upgrade. If there is an incident that has already occurred, then don’t think that you have to result to buying a new phone. There are often ways that you can fix the problem that you have if it is not detrimental to the health of the phone. Consider the following solutions and they may work for you.


A World Without Smartphones

Could you imagine it?  Me neither.

According to an article in the Star-Ledger in New Jersey that was written in September of last year, smartphones will outnumber the traditional cell phones greatly. The article states that while in 2009 only one in five people owned a smartphone, the number is now double the figures of 2009. The advantage that smartphones have over traditional phones is that the smartphones have better features.

Traditional phones had text messaging, camera capabilities and voicemail but that was about it. From time-killing games to social networking for business, smartphones have these and thousands of apps you can download to it. Here are other advantages smartphones have over traditional phones.

Internet In Your Pocket

Unlike the traditional cell phones, smartphones put the Internet in your pocket, as you will be able to surf the Internet at any time on your phone. For instance, with your smartphone, you are able to search recipe websites and locate new recipes to cook. The phone also offers news websites and weather updates if you need to check the weather before you head out for the day.

Better Camera Quality

Traditional cell phones did not offer the best camera quality but this is not the case with the smartphone. It has a more crisp and sharp look to the pictures and because smartphones have Internet access, you can share photos by way of e-mail and through text messaging.

Never Get Lost Again

Another advantage of the smartphone over the traditional cell phone is that the smartphone has a built-in GPS navigation system unlike the traditional cell phones. When you use the phone’s GPS system, you do not have to worry about getting lost on the road or having trouble driving in a city you are not familiar with at night.

You’ve Got Games

One benefit of a smartphone is that you can download game apps to it so that you will have games to play if you get bored while sitting in the doctor’s office or waiting for the slow bus to pick you up from work. I usually play Scrabble and Jeopardy on my phone.

Smartphones March Into Classrooms

Another reason smartphones work so well is that they can be used in a variety of settings, including the classrooms. Some teachers use record their lectures and create it where students can upload teachers’ lectures. Students who dot have a computer can research various websites from their phones for research purposes.

Traditional phones and smartphones both work effectively to meet your needs, but if you want to be more productive in business and daily activities, you should consider the smartphone, as it has a lot of features. These include better camera quality, Internet access and numerous apps developed by the open market and leading companies like DoubleDutch to choose from. The smartphone also has a navigation system that allows you to easily find your way in any city. Another benefit of the smartphone is that it is affordable, as electronics stores often have discounts and organize special offers from time to time. Smartphones are expected to become just as popular than the traditional PCs.


iPhone 5 Coming Soon

In the later part of this year, Apple will release its’ iPhone 5 and some technology industry experts are predicting that this could become one of the best-selling smartphones. This new iPhone comes off the success of the iPhone 4S, which had 20 million sales altogether. Apple has been putting out well-built electronics over the past few years and with the popularity of the Mac computers and iPhones worldwide, this company sows no signs of slowing down.

iPhone 5 Design Features

According to tech experts who have seen the phone, the iPhone 5 design will look slightly different from the iPhone 4S. There will be a new casing with the new version of this phone and that the phone could be about four inches. Long but still have the sleek look that iPhones are known for. There is also a two-tone backplate made of brushed aluminum and it could include larger speaker grills. The front panel is supposed to be very thin but tall.

Now On To The Specs

Based on some rumors, Apple may include the debut of a quad-processor called the A6 and the CPU may be the S5L8950X. The iPhone 5 will come with a 1GB of RAM and there will be an upgrade in the phone’s antenna, which phone users will like.

iPhone 5 Screen

The new phone’s screen will be four inches and the screen will be made of curved glass. There will also be a 4.6-inch retina display and Sony will be responsible for designing the screen for the new phone. There are rumors that the screen may not be very large as in previous models. However, the screen will be thin and lightweight.

Mobile Wallet?

According to some tech experts, it appears that Apple is considering the inclusion of Near Field Communication, a type of technology that could enable iPhone users to use this phone to make purchases without having to take out their cards at the store. They also mentioned that the iPhone could include Google Wallet as well.

Camera Features

Here is what you can expect regarding the iPhone 5 camera features. Sony will create this phone’s camera and the phone could include the 8MP camera. It will include a HD front-facing camera.

The new iPhone 5 has a few new features while maintaining many of the features from previous versions of the iPhone. The newest phone will look thinner and it will be less bulky. You will still have all of the goodies that you would expect from the smartphone but you may also be able to use this phone as a mobile wallet to use instead of taking out the card. It should be released in September of this year and the iCloud feature will also let you share documents and photos. In addition, you will be able to upload webpages on this phone at faster speeds and it could have Face Recognition software built in it.